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Canadian, Cat-Loving Tumblrers, I need your attention, please.

To the Canadian cat lovers of Tumblr, from Ontario; the Valleyfield SPCA is giving out free cats due to the over-population within their establishment. One-hundred cats are being given away, and they must find a home by the end of February, 2013. If these cats don’t find a home, they will be euthanized. 

All of these cats have been vaccinated, de-wormed, had flea treatments, and fixed. These cats are all very friendly, affectionate and lovable- they do not deserve to be put to sleep like this. The cats are all one year old, and in desperate need of a home. If you know someone within the area looking for a free, treated and healthy cat- throw them in this direction. Please.

I just can’t stand to see this, as a cat lover myself. I already have two who do not like new-comers, and I’m not in the area or financial stability to take another in. Please, please, please; consider these poor cats. They deserve better than this. Ugh, this is making me cry. Please, take a look. Spread the word around. See if we can save a few lives. These babies deserve better than this. Please. Look at them. They deserve a family too.

If you have any questions, please direct them to the KIJIJI PAGE made to try and get the information out there. 

TL;DR: Free cats. All de-wormed, given flea treatments, fixed, and vaccinated. If they aren’t found homes by the end of February they will be put to sleep. Kijiji page is above, for the Valleyfield SPCA. Please help them find a home and save a few lives, please.


Relevant to a few of my followers, I think!

I almost just got a new cat.

This place is in Ottawa though. But… you know. 

Go get a cat.

Reblogginating for my Canadian followers.

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    Poor babies :( If any of you live in this area, please look into taking giving one of these darlings a home.
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    ugh… I hate kill shelters… this is why i volunteer at a no-kill.
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