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On George


George has had some upper respiratory problems since June. We tried several treatments over the summer to no avail, but he was still pretty happy and healthy and eating fine. Tracey was good enough to discuss some of his problems and help me through it for a bit. Several months ago his mucus-flinging sneezes were so bad that I finally took him in again, only to start another allergy medicine. 

We were hoping that his problems would be fixed by several things, including cleaning of our HVAC system, a little mold remediation, and removal of carpet in the apartment, but he only got worse over the last two weeks.

So now my little money-suck is on a liquid antibiotic for two weeks. If that doesn’t help, he’ll probably have to go see a dental specialist in case he has an abscess causing his nasal problems.

We are desperate to have him healthy again, not only because he is leaving gross green cat-mucus everywhere (EVERYWHERE—on the walls, on the sofa, on our bed, on our clothes and faces, in my car…) but because he’s really the sweetest little guy and is just mellowing into the most perfect cat in his elderly years. 

I’m not sure if it’s the illness, but he’s been so nice to people in the last six months. While he was always nice to me, he tends to be a little touchy sometimes when he’s had enough attention from anyone else. With all of the life changes I’ve had in the past five years, George’s resilience continues to impress me. He is such a good friend, you guys. 

George is special. It’s clear to me that, somehow, all of you recognize that here. One of the reasons why I love Tumblr is that all of you are so supportive of who and what everyone loves, and that’s a good enough reason for everyone to trust that the love is true and worthwhile. I wish that all of you could meet George. Even though he looks grumpy all the time, he’s a very (as the vets say) confident and happy cat. He’s worthy of much more than I will ever be capable of giving him. He’s a good boy and I hope he feels better soon.

  1. mathcat345 said: Sending so many hugs to George (and a few to you and Guille, too!). George is such a wonderful boy. He chose his forever home well. I hope the antibiotic works.
  2. smartgrrrl said: Be well, George. Scritches to you.
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  4. lizzinlosangeles said: Hugs and skritches and best wishes to the little curmudgeon. And to you, dear.
  5. guillee said: Welp, there goes any chance of having guests at home again.
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